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Investigating the suitability of grass species for golf greens in the uk and ireland

Research and development manager Dr David Greenshields unveils the newly-published findings of the company's groundbreaking independent trials on the best grass seed solution for golf greens in the UK and Ireland.

Golf greens across the globe are made up of a wide variety of grass species, which are influenced by a huge spectrum of factors, including climate, industry pressures and golfers' preferences and expectations. There are many preconceptions (and misconceptions!) about which grasses should dominate our greens here in the UK and Ireland, but where are the hard facts supporting these theories?

In July 2006, Barenbrug sowed the seed for an independent trial at Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) in Bingley to yield some data to answer this question. As the research progressed, the specialist grass seed breeder also established a similar trial at Druids Glen Golf Club in County Wicklow to address the issue in Ireland.

That investment has now come to fruition and the results certainly make interesting reading for greenkeepers.

Download your copy of Golf Greens Booklet today and read the fascinating findings.

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