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Good quality grazed grassland is the cheapest feed for your livestock and is the base upon which profitable farming is built. Over 70% of utilisable agricultural land in the UK is grassland, with nearly 57% given over as permanent pasture.


The UK has the ideal climate for growing grass. Ryegrass grows best at between 5°C to 25°C – and most of the UK is between these temperatures 95% of the time. Like all crops, growing grass requires careful management to maximise yields and utilisation. It is a science – but a relatively simple one once you have the basics of plant as well as animal physiology and good soil management techniques.

Armed with information about how grass grows and the different species and management techniques available, it is easy for farmers to make informed choices about what kind of grass to grow; when to sow it; when to graze it; how long to graze it for; and what to do to ensure its performance long-term. Our top tip, treat your grassland like an arable crop. 

The value of your grass - Grow your future with grass

There is no mystery in the benefits of well-managed grassland; providing a source of quality nutrient-rich forage, increased farm biodiversity, increased soil health, the potential for reduced inputs, and one of the most sustainable cost-effective feed for livestock farmers – effectively providing ‘free litres and weight’ – while supporting animal...

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