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We would love to hear from you if you are a farmer looking to produce grass seed for the UK. 

Seed Production Manager






Richard brings a wealth of agricultural experience to his position as Seed Production Manager, responsible for the company’s grass seed production. With over 3,000 Ha sown with Barenbrug cultivars, this is no small task.


With an ND in agriculture, Richard is well placed to manage this important role. Prior to joining Barenbrug, Richard spent 25 years in farm management in the fresh produce sector.

Contact Richard about becoming a Barenbrug grower on 07710 022043 or email Richard


Growing our grass seed

We are backing British farmers, with over 3,000 hectares of British farmland producing our grass seed. We love locally grown! 


Our grasses are tried, tested and proven with British farmers (including at our own Cropvale Research Site in Worcestershire). We have close and longstanding relationships and collaborations with experienced seed growing specialists and production companies in the UK. Growing locally allows us to carefully evaluate the quality standards, keeping a close eye on crops, and establishing a strong collaboration and connection with experienced and trusted growers. Grass seed grower professionalism, combined with expert advice from our team assures excellent seed quality, continuity, and a good yield.



Seed production

Grass seed production can be extremely lucrative. Most grass seed crops are taken for two harvest years so, as well as reducing inputs, they are a valuable break crop especially for cereal seed producers.


The seed crop also plays an important role within the crop rotation as it offers a further weapon in the battle against the weed Blackgrass. The hay can also be a valuable commodity. The crop may also have big environmental and wildlife advantages. The cover, that the crop develops and provides over the 2 years, for insects, rodents and nesting is important for Skylarks, Barn Owls and other wildlife. The mass of root and other plant parts contributes towards soil organic matter thereby improving fertility and structure.


The advantages of growing grass seed with Barenbrug include:

  • a good fit with the rotation of crops
  • subsequent crops bear yields improved structure and other positive effects
  • healthy financial returns
  • better use of the labour and machinery made available
  • few and inexpensive additional investment needed
  • expert personalised advice for cultivating your grass
  • a wide range of varieties geared to your individual needs
  • relatively high purchase price and good kg yields
  • continuity and a partnership for life


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