Barenbrug Grass & Herbal Leys

Blends to boost biodiversity. As well as breeding and trialing grass, forage & herbal ley varieties, we create and trial biodiversity mixtures at our trial site, Cropvale, looking to find the next generation of multi-species leys.

The aim of our biodiversity trials is to come up with an optimum blend of legumes, root crops, herbs and grasses, which will be suitable for a wide range of farms throughout the UK. With blends that will produce large volumes of high quality forage, for livestock farmers to increase meat and milk yields, and blends to enhance farm biodiversity. Including legumes in a biodiversity blend is one way to achieve this. Legumes have great nitrogen (N) fixing potential, which means less artificial nitrogen needs to be added to the soil to grow the crops. Deep-rooted species are also employed to improve soil structure while flowering species are utilised to help pollinating insects do their job. Due to the nature of the species involved, weed control in our biodiversity trials is very limited so we score the plots for their natural weed suppression abilities, which will add to the persistency and quality of a mixture in the field. The following are our top performing herbal ley mixtures. View our forage mixtures or wildflower mixutres.


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An excellent biodiverse multi-species herbal ley

A multispecies legume, grass, and herb sward for increased biodiversity.

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Blend of chicory, plantain and clovers

A blend of chicory, plantain and covers designed specifically for grazing all classes of livestock.

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A biodiverse mixture for animal performance

Designed to extend the shoulders of the grazing season whilst enhancing the yield and the quality of the sward.

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Forage booster & cover crop solution

Establishes quickly to provide a catch and cover crop with rapid growth, offering production late into autumn and in early spring, and extra grazing opportunities over winter.


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A mixture of 6 grasses, 3 legumes, and 5 herbs

Ideal for biodiversity, productivity, and use in SFI systems

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Dependable and resilient mixture originally designed for beef and sheep

A bestselling mixture that is designed to be a persistent, drought tolerant, protein-rich sward for beef and sheep production.

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High output, high protein grass & clover ley

An excellent low input, hight output and high protein grass, red and white clover cutting ley for three to four years.

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White Clover Blend

A blend of white clovers, to improve animal performance through higher milk yields or better live weight gains.

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Red Clover Blend

PROTA RED is a blend of red clovers for improved yield and disease resistance.

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Red and White Clover Blend

PROTA DUET is a unique mixture of red and white clovers

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Grass & clover high protein blend

PROTA PLUS is a versatile mixture of clover and grass. It is an ideal break crop in an arable rotation and useful in livestock systems.

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Vetch - Barvicos

Delivers rapid soil coverage, highly productive and rich in protein

This vetch has vigorous growth and winter-hardy. It will establish and grow well on most soil types.

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Lucerne - Artémis

A highly nutritious forage for livestock

Lucerne combines good digestibility with high protein providing excellent milk yields or daily live weight gains.

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Chicory - Commander

A true perennial chicory that lasts more than one year

A mineral-rich herb with long taproot capability, aiding drainage and soil structure, making an ideal cover crop.

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Ideal for finishing lambs or for winter sheep with good protein contents

A practical alternative to swedes or main crop kale.

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Designed to be drilled into cereal stubbles after harvest for a quick growing catch crop

Ideal for finishing lambs or flushing ewes.

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Winter Bird Food

A spring sown mixture of small seed producing species to provide cover and feed for farmland birds.

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Two Year Sown Legume Fallow

A mix designed to provide food for farmland wildlife, including pollen and nectar for pollinators.

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