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The essential Sport range of grass seed mixtures has been formulated to offer our assured performance at a competitive price, developed to cover a applications for for grass on golf greens, football pitches and school sports fields. As a breeder of grass varieties, we have been able to utilise unique Barenbrug technologies and innovation in our Essential mixtures. 


We think everyone should have access to good quality, affordable grass seed that delivers on its promises. That is why we have an ongoing commitment to quality and why we never compromise our standards. We apply the same principles to our essential range as we do to all our other ranges, just with slightly different ingredients in the bag. 


For the highest quality, premier sports turf surfaces, we also have our professional Sport Range. The Barenbrug Sport Range utilises the best and latest grass varieties to create mixtures that are used at some of the most famous sporting venues, from the greens at St Andrews or pitches at Leeds United to tennis courts at The Queens Club. 



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E5 - Extra Fine Turf & Bowling Green

Traditional blend of fescues and bent for greens and lawns

Perfect as an affordable option for overseeding golf and bowling greens

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E6 - 100% Bent Greens

100% common bent. Overseed and renovate golf & bowling greens

Browntop bentgrass blend, ideal for renovating golf and bowling greens.

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E7 - Sports Ryegrass

Great for sport, your cost-effective option

Designed for establishing and renovating winter sports surfaces.

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