Sowing Times and Soil Temperatures

Can I still sow grass seed now? Yes!

Sowing Times and Soil Temperatures - October 2019

“Can I still sow grass seed now?” – a common question we get asked at this time of year as we begin to head into the colder, dark months. The answer is YES!


  • Soil temperatures are still suitable for successful grass seed germination and establishment
  • There is still time left to overseed, renovate and repair damaged areas
  • Utilise 100% perennial ryegrass mixtures to extend the sowing window
  • EXTREMEULTRAFINE and RPR GOLF present the opportunity to seed into November


As always, the earlier seed is sown in the autumn the better. Germination is just one obstacle the seed needs to overcome. To get fully established before the full force of winter sets in, young seedlings need adequate time to establish.


Again, in the autumn, perennial ryegrass mixtures offer the benefits of faster establishment.

Check out the graph below to see the differences! This shows average data from the north of the UK.

Perennial Ryegrass mixtures can extend the sowing time, approximately 20 weeks extra sowing time compared to Bentgrass and seven weeks more than Red Fescue.


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