Barenbrug Winter Sport Range



Our NEW star players are changing the game, with table-topping cultivars for sport stadiums and pitches. This substitution is one not to miss!


Bringing together years of long-term investment in research, breeding and development into winter perennial ryegrasses and a focus on the key traits vital to a stadium and pitch environments has resulted in the launch of the Barenbrug Winter Sport range, offering mixtures and varieties designed for sports stadiums, grounds and pitches during winter months.


Barenbrug’s seed is already in use across some of the world's best stadiums, golf courses and tennis courts. We have solutions for creating and repairing grass surface for sports, leisure and landscapes.


The mixtures are designed around the four key traits for winter pitch success in colder weather and include unique Barenbrug bred varieties offering, wear tolerance, excellent recovery between use, a darker, camera-friendly grass colour and stronger disease resistance.