Core activities

The Royal Barenbrug Group is active in research and the development of grass seed worldwide. Production, marketing and sales are also part of our core activities. This page provides more information about the scope of these activities.


Our core activities are Research and Development, Seed production and Sales and service.

Research and development

The development of grasses and forage legumes is our core competence with a continual focus on generating added value to benefit the end users of our products. Our R&D organization is decentralized in 22 countries on five continents in the world’s main climate regions.

Seed production

Our grass seed production is decentralized in about 20 different countries. European and North American countries represent 80% of the total production. To achieve this, Barenbrug has longstanding partnerships with numerous experienced seed growers and production companies around the world.

Sales & service

We are committed to increasing crop productivity and crop quality for our customers in more than 80 nations. The Barenbrug subsidiaries, decentralized in 18 countries on six continents, provide these solutions. They are responsible for local marketing and sales in their region.