Barenbrug returns to Dairy Day with popular Grass Clinic

The first-ever Grass Clinic to be held at the event, the walk-in advice centre encourages farmers to ask how to ‘get more from their grass’. It proved a bigger-than-expected hit at the company’s stand in 2022, says Barenbrug’s Agriculture Product Manager Janet Montgomery.

Grass-breeding specialist Barenbrug is coming back to UK Dairy Day 2023 with its popular Grass Clinic

“Of course, last year’s queries came after a summer of some of the worst dry conditions many farmers had experienced,” Janet notes. “No doubt we’ll be tackling a different set of questions and situations this year, but we expect another busy day for the team.


“While we all know the importance of good grass in sustainable, profitable and productive dairying, it’s fair to say nearly everyone has a ‘problem pasture’ that performs poorly or simply doesn’t live up to expectations.


“With increasing recognition of the role good grassland plays in facilitating soil health, carbon capture and biodiversity – as well as its practical productivity for the farm enterprise – we really can’t afford to let our grassland performance slip.”


Throughout the day, Barenbrug UK team members will be available on the Barenbrug stand to answer a full range of queries and provide relevant advice on all aspects of best practice in grassland agronomy.


“To get the most from our UK grassland, we need to ‘think crop’ in terms of how we manage it. But grassland agronomy doesn’t have to be complicated; just a few easy steps around assessments, pasture plans and monitoring can make all the difference.


“We’re using the clinic to try to demystify grassland agronomy, so we can all increase productivity.


“If you know what steps to take, there’s no reason why underperforming grassland can’t quickly become good grassland,” she says.


UK Dairy Day will be held at the International Centre in Telford, Shropshire, on September 13. There’s no need to book for the Clinic; experts from Barenbrug will be available all-day to offer advice on grassland establishment, rejuvenation, weed control and nutrient management.