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Superior grass mixture designed for solar farms with livestock

This grass mixture has been formulated specifically to be established where solar panels are to be installed with livestock.

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The easy way to successful undersowing

Quick and easy undersowing solution for maize crops in your rotation producing a green cover which doesn’t compete with the crop.

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Rapid winter grass and post-arable catch crop

AFTER MAIZE provides a very quick establishment and rapid growth after a maize harvest, even at cool temperatures, for soil cover.

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Forage booster & ideal cover crop solution

Establishes quickly to provide a catch and cover crop with rapid growth, even at cool temperatures, offering production early spring and late into autumn, delivering extra grazing opportunities over winter.


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Grass & clover rich protein blend

PROTA PLUS is an exceptionally versatile mixture of clover and grass which can provide a number of benefits. It is an ideal break crop in any arable rotation or an exciting alternative to brassicas in livestock systems.

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