Farmers Weekly Transition Partner

British farmers will always see feeding the nation as their priority, and rightly so. But as British agriculture itself moves into a new era, changes in the way we grow and produce that food are inevitable.


At Barenbrug, we are committed to supporting British farmers through this transition. You may think of us as a grass-seed breeder – in fact, we are one of the UK’s largest grower of grass seed – but we are much more than that.


Because no matter what type of farm you run, when it comes to managing its crucial elements, the aspects on which your productivity is founded – soil health, water management, biodiversity and carbon storage – nothing beats the power of grass and grass-based crops for your grazing, your rotation and your crops.


Barenbrug’s grass and forage genetics provide British farms with practical agronomic and environmental gains. 


As a key member of the The Farmers Weekly Transition Partner Network, Barenbrug UK is part of a selected, UK-wide community of farmers, industry stakeholders and influencers working together to secure a sustainable future for your farm business.


Farmers Weekly Transition Partner 

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