World of possibilities

Farmers, children, home owners, soccer players–no matter who you are, and no matter what continent you are on, you deserve the best foundation. Healthy beef cattle in Argentina, happy tourists in Central Park, New York and successful golfers at St Andrews or Pebble Beach: our presence on six continents enables us to think globally and act locally. North or south, drought, wet or cold… We provide fields of production and joy!

In the past 100 years, we have seen a gazillion soils. From enchanting city gardens to exhilarating sports fields. From strong Dutch dikes to endless cattle pastures in Brazil and New Zealand. Different worlds with different demands. So many needs, so many solutions!

Sharing knowledge, creating solutions

We have research facilities in all the important climate zones. We are at your service on six continents with 18 branch offices and 22 research and development locations in more than 20 countries. Our R&D experts connect and exchange insights to create the exact solution you need. Our presence on the African continent creates a valuable source of tropical grass varieties all over the world. It also means that dairy producing countries like the Netherlands and New Zealand can benefit from each other’s insights on nutrient boosting forage. Healthy cattle, happy farmers!


Find here the locations of our operating companies and R&D activities worldwide

Integrated approach

Our secret? We match excellent breeding and research with the skills of strong partners in the field. The result: the latest scientific insights are integrated thanks to the advice of professionals with intimate knowledge of your business and region. Whether you are involved in agriculture, sports or recreation, we encourage you to bring out the best in yourself. To give you a competitive advantage, we never stop learning. We organise internal training for our staff and have set up the Barenbrug academy to train external partners. All this serves to offer you the best foundation.

Tailored answers

Keeping forage growing during a period of drought in Argentina and Australia, helping grass recover quickly after a punishing football match in Russia or boosting it by applying the right see enhacement technology for year-rond green golf courses in France...


Do you need a tailored solution in a highly specific case? 


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