Sustainable Grass Technology

Stress Tolerant Grass for Sustainable Turf Management


Sustainable Grass Technology

Products under the SGT banner promise stress tolerant grass for sustainable turf management and are the result of years of independent and in-house trials.



Grasses in SGT products have been tested extensively, and offer exceptional performance in one or more of 4 key areas of research:


  • Nitrogen-use efficiency to reduce fertiliser use and cost
  • Drought tolerance to increase survival and reduce the need for irrigation in stress periods
  • Increased disease tolerance to reduce the need for fungicide
  • Lower biomass production (or clipping yield) to reduce mowing frequency, man hours and fuel use.


Below you will find a fully detailed video from the years of independent and in-house trials that led to the launch of Sustainable Grass Technology:


SGT Video – Watch Now


SGT Products

SGT Rye Fairway and SGT Fine Fescue sit under the SGT banner. Both are suitable for the tees, fairways and roughs. The 4 key criteria of the SGT programme are well catered for with these products.


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