Barenbrug announces new 'game changing' winter sports range at SALTEX

New, top of the table grass cultivars has been launched onto the winter sports market by Barenbrug, the leading grass seed breeder and grower, at the SALTEX show in Birmingham 3 November 2021.

New 'game changing' winter sports range announced

Varieties Barzico and Barbasten, already first and second on the 2021 BSPB/STRI Sports Ryegrass list, will be available commercially for the first time in Barenbrug’s 2022 Elite Sport blend. These new varieties are the result of many years of breeding and trials in the UK and abroad.


Calling the launch a ‘Game Changer’ for top football and rugby stadiums, Luke Hunt, Barenbrug’s Product Manager says “We are breaking the mould for 2022 with the very top performing grasses bred by us for premium sport stadiums, pitches and courses, and produced in the UK. Grounds managers now have a brand-new choice in a field where many different products have contained the same varieties”.


The new Elite Sport blend is complemented in Barenbrug’s winter sport range with RPR Sport, a highly researched blend of four hard-wearing perennial ryegrasses, including Barlibro Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass (RPR). The range also contains Multi Sport, with a focus on through-the-year performance and sustainability, and SOS for emergency mid-season turf repair in cool temperatures.


The launch builds on Barenbrug’s well known sports range which is already in wide use at Premier League stadiums, top-ranked golf courses and tennis courts, as well as local clubs and schools.


Specialising entirely on developing innovative UK grass seed solutions, Barenbrug UK is now recognised as the leading grass seed breeder and grower in the UK. As part of the wider Barenbrug Group, grass experts since 1904, their worldwide research and plant genetics network includes dedicated UK trials of amenity varieties and mixtures, providing a solid testing ground while drawing on knowledge and expertise from across the globe.



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