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British farmers play a vital role in enhancing the British countryside, maintaining habitats for native plants and animals, protecting watercourses and supporting wildlife. 


In addition to changes in farming practices due to a variety of internal and external pressures, there has also been a fundamental change to the governmental farm funding, particularly in England and Wales. The Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) and Countryside Stewardship (CS) funding schemes incentivise certain production practices. We have developed a range of products for these schemes, to be able to help wherever we can. 


The aim of our biodiversity mixtures is to optimise the plant population for ease of management, expected plant population composition and longevity, and to gain advantages from all species in the mixtures. As always, our aim is high quantity of high quality forage, while also seeing benefits of nitrogen fixation and protein content from legumes; improved soil characteristics through a variety of rooting structures; wildlife and insect habitat and food sources; ease and approachability of management by using species and varieties tried and tested in the UK.


In case of unavailability, Barenbrug UK Ltd reserves the right to substitute any variety in any mixture with one of similar merit. Any change will be detailed on the bag. The placing of an order constitutes an acceptance of our terms and conditions of sale by the buyer. See our T&C's.
Should scheme requirements change, products will change accordingly and be updated as soon as is practicable; ensure you are reading the most up to date version of the governmental guidance and this brochure.

Provision of seed as ordered does not constitute Barenbrug UK’s responsibility that the product will be accepted in an SFI scheme. Barenbrug UK Ltd accepts no liability for products used, responsibility lies solely with scheme applicant to ensure products used will satisfy the requirements of that scheme.

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