New top ten variety Baradona

Brand-new perennial ryegrass from Barenbrug’s European turf breeding programme


New top ten variety Baradona

Baradona is a brand-new perennial ryegrass from Barenbrug’s European turf breeding programme. The variety is primarily bred for winter sports wear tolerance but has density and fineness of leaf applicable to summer sports also. It is one of only two cultivars in the top-10 on both S1 and L1 tables in BSPB/STRI Turfgrass Seed 2019. Its mean score of 7.7 on both tables is unsurpassed.


The first harvest of Baradona came off field on 29 July 2019 at Corhampton in Hampshire, here in the UK. For 2020, the variety will feature in Barenbrug Sport Range products Elite Sport and Multi Sport. Elite Sport features the very best cultivars available for winter sports use on stadium and professional pitches. Multi Sport contains high performing perennial ryegrass seed produced exclusively in the UK and is suitable for a wide range of sports and pitch types.


Baradona is named after the Argentinian genius Diego, the best footballer of his generation. We are sure it will give you and your pitch a “helping hand” in the years to come!


Find out more by visiting the Barenbrug team on Stand G055 at Saltex.

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