First ever Grass Clinic at UK Dairy Day

Often imitated, never bettered, when it comes to dairy there’s no doubt about it: grass is the original sustainable feedstuff. Grass breeding specialist Barenbrug UK will be hosting the first ever Grass Clinic at UK Dairy Day, encouraging farmers to be more ambitious about getting more from their grass by visiting the drop in clinic.


“Cost-effective, sustainable, with benefits for soil health and biodiversity, good quality grass – whether grazed or conserved – is the cheapest feed for the dairy cow,” says Barenbrug’s Agriculture Manager, David Linton.


“When managed for maximum productivity, grass delivers astonishing levels of dry matter and energy. At grass, cows can convert around 85% of that energy into milk. Grass really is the basis for profitable, sustainable, productive dairying.”


The Grass Clinic at the event on September 14th, is available for anyone with a query about their grass to drop in and speak to Barenbrug’s grassland experts for insight and advice.


“The secret to good grassland is to ‘think crop’,” says David. “But grassland agronomy doesn’t have to be complicated. In just a few steps, underperforming grassland can quickly become good grassland.”


There’s no need to book for the Clinic, just drop in, Barenbrug’s team will be available all-day at the stand near the main entrance, but David says attendees will get most value from it if they first index their fields using Barenbrug’s ‘Grassland Index’ guide.


“That will help our experts to suggest the best course of action and offer the most appropriate advice along with tips on species and variety selection. Farmers really can Grow their future with grass to help sustain farm resilience by maximising quality homegrown forage.”

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