Covid-19 - Barenbrug UK Update

The health, safety and wellbeing of employees and customers has always been at the heart of what we do, but never has it been in such stark relief as against the backdrop of Covid-19.

Since the start of the outbreak we have prided ourselves on being one step ahead and taking action before we were mandated to do so. This has meant we have been able to continue operating throughout the period, with no down time or loss of productivity.

The period has demonstrated the flexibility and adaptability of our teams and infrastructure and has challenged us to think critically about the way we do things going forward.

As the lockdown measures start to ease, we are continuing with our cautious approach and the following precautions will remain in place for the time being:


  • Limited number of staff in the building at any one time
  • 2 shifts on a rotating basis with fixed teams
  • Provision of additional hygiene solutions including handwash and cleaning stations
  • Enhanced signage and distance marking
  • Cancelling of all non-essential visits to our locations and our customers sites
  • Delivery drivers to remain in vehicles where possible
  • Additional PPE where required
  • Working from home where possible

We will continue to monitor the situation, particularly in response to any changes in Government advice, as we have done throughout the period. Accordingly, we will provide regular updates as we strive to maintain our normal service levels to the industry, whilst protecting all people we interact with as a business.