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All-round dark green perennial ryegrass with good salt tolerance!
  • Attractive dark colour.
  • Fast recovery after damage.
  • High salt tolerance.
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Fine leaved perennial rye grass with excellent salt tolerance!
  • Tolerates close mowing.
  • Fine leaved texture.
  • Excellent salt tolerance.
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The no.1 sports perennial at STRI!
  • Superb wear tolerance (no. 1 in Bingley).
  • Outstanding shoot density.
  • Excellent summer greenness.
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Classic sports perennial rye grass for wide use
  • Good wear tolerance.
  • Quick green up after winter.
  • Suitable in wide climate range.
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Very fine leaved dark green perennial rye grass
  • Superb aesthetic appearance with fine leaves.
  • Exceptional fineness of leaves.
  • Close mowing tolerance down to 5 mm as a mono culture.
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Medium dark green perennial ryegrass!
  • Fast recovery after winter.
  • Excellent wear tolerance.
  • Drought tolerant!
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Hard wearing perennial ryegrass for continental and southern Europe
  • Intermediate/dark green colour in turf.
  • Excellent recovery from damage.
  • Very dense and strong turf on sports fields.
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Good quality economy perennial rye grass
  • Good wear tolerance.
  • Good winter colour.
  • High ornamental value due to fine leafed texture.


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