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  • Purpose bred varieties, designed for emergency repair of winter sports pitches annual ryegrass germinates, establishes and grows faster than perennial ryegrasses
  • Fast germination, establishment and growth
  • Overseeding and patching blend of ryegrass species that germinate and grow vigorously at very low temperatures


50% annual ryegrass

50% perennial ryegrass



Designed for emergency mid-season turf repair, aiming for the fastest possible germination, establishment and growth in cool temperatures.



The saviour of the winter season, this specially formulated product contains varieties that germinate and establish quickly to resurrect high traffic areas on any pitch. In recent trials, SOS was shown to establish and restore a sward overseeded in January at a soil temperature of 6.2°C, from 20% to more than 60% within a month.

Barterra and 4IR-1 are annual ryegrasses that will germinate as low as 3.5°, quicker and at lower temperatures than perennial ryegrass, including tetraploid varieties.

Bardorado provides a longer-term solution with good performance characteristics.

Figure 1 illustrates the speed at which SOS can establish and restore a sward when it is overseeded in January at a soil temperature of 6.2°C. One month into the trial the grass cover has recovered from 20% to more than 60%.

Trials have proven that Bardorado germinates particularly well at low temperatures for a perennial ryegrass (down to 5°C, and quickly at 7-10°C; 90% germination in a 14-day trial – see Figure 2).

Barenbrug research favours the use of a hard-wearing diploid perennial rather than a tetraploid alternative as a partner to annual ryegrasses for winter grass seed mixtures.


Perennial ryegrass
Annual ryegrass
Annual ryegrass
Sowing rate
30-50g m²
Oversowing rate
20-40g m²
Sowing depth
4-8mm < thatch
Mowing height
down to 20mm
Barenbrug Grass seed

Barenbrug Grass seed is designed for you

Barenbrug Grass seed is designed for you

Barenbrug Grass seed is designed for you