Standards that aren’t standard anywhere else.

Our standards make it easy, because if it doesn’t meet the standards, we don’t sell it.

Our word is our bond and we understand integrity is more than just a word... it is a daily practice.

We are transparent, honest and consistent in all we do.

Purity and Germination

Grass seed has to be legally certified to a minimum European Union (EU) standard for sale within the European Community (EC). In the UK, the standards for purity and germination are governed by the Seed Marketing Regulations 2011.


  • All turf producers should request seed certificates from the seller
  • Check for sample size (larger the better), impurities and germination rates
  • All seed production for Barenbrug UK is contracted to the Higher Voluntary Standard (HVS), unique to the UK, guaranteeing a higher level of purity than the EC  standardsing and production technologies, we also work closely with academic institutes, customers and the international research community to develop improved grass seed varieties




See the difference in basic quality between HVS and EC standards and work out how much more viable seed will be in each bag
of grass seed.

0-0 Turf Quality
0-0 or “turf quality” represents the best possible quality of certified seed. The very best 0-0 seed is characterised by a number of conditions; see the Purity and Germination Factsheet for more information.