Hard-wearing 100% perennial ryegrass for extreme wear

    • EXTREME is a blend of perennial ryegrasses for use in areas of medium-fine turf that demand tolerance to close-mowing and high wear with exceptional fineness of leaf

    • Ideal for golf tees, fairways, and high-traffic areas

    • All three cultivars bring advantageous and different characteristics to the mix




  • Greens
  • Tees
  • Fairways
  • Roughs
  • Bowling Greens

MIXTURE:  100% perennial ryegrass


USAGE:  Overseeding, divoting and/or construction of medium-fine turf with intense wear; tees, fairways.


  • Balanced blend of three outstanding ryegrasses offering performance characteristics applicable to summer sports turf

  • Eventus is ranked #2 and #3 for fineness of leaf in BSPB Turfgrass Seed 2018 Tables S1 and L1, respectively, and shows very fast recovery and growth rates (ranked #1 in the top 30, Table L1) for a summer sports ryegrass. This enables quick germination, establishment and mid-season repair in areas of high traffic

  • Barsignum is an outstanding summer sports ryegrass, ranked #4 in Tables L1, G4 and as an average of all the ryegrass tables. It is ranked #1 for Visual Merit and Slow Regrowth in Table L1

  • Barcristalla is a medium-fine ryegrass with excellent wear tolerance and superior colour. It is ranked #6 for wear tolerance (Table S1) and #1 of any grass in the top 60 for dark genetic colour

Perennial ryegrass
Perennial ryegrass
Perennial ryegrass
Sowing rate
25-50g m²
Oversowing rate
20-30g per m²
Sowing depth
Mowing height
down to 5mm
Pack size
Speed of Establishment
Wear Tolerance
Close-mowing tolerance
Fineness of leaf
Speed of growth
Dark green colour
Shoot density
Low maintenance

Greenkeepers, Course Managers and Golf Course Superintendents rely on the Barenbrug Sport grass seed range designed for golf courses.