Barenbrug UK proud to officially support #GroundsWeek 2023

The return of the GMA’s annual awareness week will take place 20th-26th March 2023

#Groundsweek 2023

Barenbrug UK is proud to officially support #GroundsWeek 2023. The annual awareness week is hosted by the Grounds Management Association (GMA), the leading not-for-profit membership body for grounds professionals and volunteers, and this year aims to attract more grounds staff and volunteers into the sector through the week’s activities. 


Grounds teams look after pitches across the country, making Britain's best loved sports possible. They rarely get the recognition they deserve - that's why #GroundsWeek is being held, kicking off on the 20th March.

#GroundsWeek is hosted by the GMA (Grounds Management Association) and celebrates the work of ground teams across the UK who help make sport possible. By celebrating the hard work of grounds teams and their positive impact on sport, the GMA looks to encourage more people to consider a career in grounds management.


With grounds management and turf care so vital to the delivery of sport, #GroundsWeek offers the opportunity to take a moment to reflect on the industry’s successes over the previous year.  To celebrate the week, Barenbrug UK will be spreading the word by posting on Twitter using the hashtag #GroundsWeek.


Dr David Greenshields, Commercial manager at Barenbrug, says: 

"As the leading grass seed breeder and producer for the golf and wider sport markets, we take seriously our responsibility to support, share our knowledge and build relationships throughout the industry. We actively support member organisations, events and groups and promote the exceptional work of grounds managers and those who work in the industry.”


Geoff Webb, CEO of the GMA, says: 


“Our job is to look out for the interests of our members and the wider industry. Part of that means ensuring new talent is entering the industry. The turf care industry provides a chance for younger people to learn new skills, work in a wide range of sectors and contribute to making sport possible. It also offers incredible career opportunities and health benefits. Connecting with new recruits is what #GroundsWeek is all about."


“As part of the campaign, we’ll be offering school students the chance to experience the buzz of turf care at the highest level, as they get pitch side at a professional football club. We’ll also be sharing real life stories from young people who are reaping the rewards of their amazing careers in turf care.”


“We’ll be highlighting the incredible work existing volunteers and professionals do to make sport possible and showcasing their invaluable impact on the nation, and making sure they get the recognition they deserve, from the public, sporting organisations and the industry.”


More information on #GroundsWeek can be found here.