Dairy Guide - Practical Advice for Grass Grazing Management

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Dairy Guide

Good quality grazed grassland is the cheapest feed for ruminant livestock and is the base upon which profitable farming is built. Around 70% of utilisable agricultural land in the UK is given over to grass – making it one of our nations’ most important crops.


To help UK farmers get more from their grassland, Barenbrug has created a series of enterprise - and application-specific guides that set out a clear and compelling case for proactively managing pasture performance, whatever the farm focus.


Recognizing that market conditions have been difficult for some time, and that farmers have more forage options available to them than ever before, Barenbrug’s guides are designed to help UK farmers make the right choices and pick the right products as they work to achieve their grassland goals.


Each guide contains useful information about grassland growth and practical advice on perfecting pasture performance and looking after leys long-term. There are also details about the different grassland management techniques, and varieties and species available to UK farmers.


This particular guide assesses the importance of good grassland management to dairy farming. Over the following pages we explore the science behind successful swards and how to manage grassland efficiently to maximise yields and profitability.

Dairy Guide

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