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Croke Park | RPR Stadium

Croke Park is the third-largest stadium in Europe, with a capacity of 82,300, and serves both as the principal stadium and headquarters of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA).


Stuart Wilson the Pitch Manager at Croke Park Stadium, Dublin, comments, “I started to use Barenbrug based on how impressed I was with the dedicated research for the winter sports market in the UK and Ireland that Barenbrug are currently undertaking. They are looking at things that really matter in a stadium environment – wear tolerance obviously, but also other aspects like colour and leaf spot tolerance.


“Based on this research, I opted for a special mixture of three perennial ryegrass cultivars that offered the best performance combination for a stadium. Overseeding is a huge part of pitch maintenance in Croke Park with over 90 events per year on the pitch so the seed blend which includes the new RPR variety Barlibro, helps recovery after high usage and severe wear.


“I have not been disappointed with my decision to use Barenbrug. The grass has stood up very well to a hectic season of concerts and play. At Croke Park, we never the get the chance for a full-scale renovation like most other major stadia. Weekends of intense play come thick and fast, and we need grass to germinate quickly and handle wear early in its establishment.


“The photo shows the pitch ready for matches 4 days after it was covered for 5 1/2 days for Ed Sheeran concerts. I have been particularly impressed by the way the sward has “stood up” after severe wear, and there have been no issues with disease at all. It was great to learn that the Croke Park “special mix” was to be launched as RPR STADIUM at SALTEX 2015, and I look forward to using it in the future.”

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