e1 - Value lawn & landscape

Value for money, fast to establish and durable. No compromise on quality.

  • Great value for money
  • Ideal for lawns and general landscaping works
  • Reliable bland of amenity ryegrass and fescue
  • Fast establishment
  • Contains only turf type grasses - No agricultural varieties



    The “standard” mix; landscaping and lawn turf

    They come in lots of different shapes and sizes, but the overwhelming majority of crops fit into the large bracket of “general landscaping/lawn turf”.


    Exact seed mixtures vary from grower to grower; here’s a template as useful starting point:

    20-30% perennial ryegrass
    20-50% strong creeping red fescue
    20-50% slender creeping red fescue
    0-20% Chewings red fescue
    0-10% smooth-stalked meadowgrass


    Perennial ryegrass
    Strong creeping red fescue
    Sowing rate
    25 - 35g m²
    Cutting height
    down to 18mm
    Our mixtures

    We build mixtures that are suitable for you, your target market and your conditions. At our core, we are creative thinkers and problem solvers and we’d love to work with you.