Perennial Ryegrass

  • Barpersie is a true all-round high-performance variety
  • Top-rated for both shoot density and fineness of leaf
  • Good wear tolerance


New to the Sport Range for 2023 is Barpersie, a perennial ryegrass. This Dutch variety looks set to grace winter and summer sports alike in the coming years. Ranked 6# in table S1 of BSPB Turfgrass Seed 2023, it is characterised by high wear tolerance, extremely fine leaves, exceptional shoot density and pale green colour.  It is top-rated for both shoot density and fineness of leaf, so is well adapted for a range of sports. 


Its debut on Table L1, as a new cultivar, comes with some unprecendented data. Table-topping scores of 9.0 for both visual merit and shoot density, allied to extremely fast growth, points to an exciting future for this variety in any high wear and/or close-mown areas. 

Download your copy of the 2023 BSPB/STRI Turfgrass booklet at Barenbrug here.