Ryegrass Reinforcement for Fine Turf.


As demand for Perennial Ryegrass within sport and golf turf management increases Barenbrug is stepping up to provide the leading fine leaf perennial ryegrass range available on the market, and is now available with three options of superior products, for use in areas of fine turf that demand close-mowing and high wear.


Ryegrass is proving its value for providing solutions for problems that are more and more common for turf managers.

•Cool springs with less growth

•Extremes of heat and drought

•More play through the winter

•Just more play full stop!

•Higher levels of golfer expectation

•The demand for high quality, fine leaf varieties is strong and growing


Market leading fine leaf perennial ryegrass

• growth throughout the season

• more resilience to extremes of heat and drought

• longer playing season, into winter

• fine leaf finish, hard wearing and close mowing

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Golf greens, tees, fairways, bowling greens

A 30% perennial ryegrass and red fescue blend for fine turf.

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Golf greens, tees, fairways, bowling greens, cricket outfields, tennis

A 60% blend of fine turf perennial ryegrass and red fescue.

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Golf greens, surrounds, tees, fairways, walk-offs, bowling greens, tennis, cricket outfields

A 100% blend of fine turf perennial ryegrasses, simply offering the best fine ryegrass on the market.


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