RPR for sport

Designed to solve turf managers’ four biggest challenges on football and rugby pitches, with unique Barenbrug-bred technology.

What RPR delivers


Ultimate wear tolerance
The mixture and its component parts have been extensively trialled under intense wear pressure at our Cropvale research station in the UK. Objective data recording over two years conclusively proves the blend’s performance with regard to wear tolerance.

Camera-friendly colour
The innovative new mixture delivers darker, camera friendly colour far superior to any other premium mixture on the market with excellent colour in autumn and winter.

Disease tolerance
Drechslera leaf spot is the biggest disease issue in the UK stadium environment. Reliable independent data from the French Turfgrass List show that RPR STADIUM offers superior tolerance compared to competitors’ mixtures.

Fast recovery
Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass (RPR) breeding is focussed predominantly on recovery or “regeneration” during wear pressure. RPRs possess an unparalleled capacity to recover in that they can produce determinate stolons and entirely new plants to counteract the effect of intense wear or other turf damage.

The new variety Barlibro in RPR STADIUM is the next generation of these distinct cultivars, offering superior performance, with respect to the speed and aggression of its stoloniferous growth.


Detailed research and development into winter sports perennial ryegrasses and a focus on four key traits vital to a stadium environment has resulted in the launch of RPR STADIUM.

Two years of dedicated wear trials at Cropvale, close analysis and comparison of BSPB Turfgrass Seed and the official French list and data from our breeding stations across the globe has delivered a blend that has it all – wear tolerance, dark genetic colour, disease tolerance and recovery.

No other grass seed mixture offers grounds managers this level of research in one package.

RPR STADIUM – the future of grass seed for a stadium environment.