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Excellent recovery after wear
  • High speed of establishment
  • Can be found in Extreme, RPR Golf, Multi Sport and Smooth Sport
  • Excellent wear tolerance
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A true winter sports perennial ryegrass with a late-heading variety
  • A medium-fine ryegrass with outstanding tolerance to wear.
  • Second only to Barzico in Table S1 of the BSPB/STRI Turfgrass Seed list.
  • High tolerance to Drechslera leaf spot disease.
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Combines strong performance with superior greenness
  • Delivers improved winter and summer greenness
  • Strong Microdochium tolerance
  • Excellent wear-tolerance and superior colour
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Provides a longer-term solution with good performance characteristics
  • Good performance characteristics
  • Germinates particularly well at low temperatures
  • Good wear and disease tolerance
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All-round dark green perennial ryegrass with good salt tolerance!
  • Attractive dark colour.
  • Fast recovery after damage.
  • High salt tolerance.
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Fine leaved perennial rye grass with excellent salt tolerance!
  • Tolerates close mowing.
  • Fine leaved texture.
  • Excellent salt tolerance.
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The no.1 sports perennial at STRI!
  • Superb wear tolerance (no. 1 in Bingley).
  • Outstanding shoot density.
  • Excellent summer greenness.
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Fine-leafed ryegrass with proven capacity for nitrogen-use efficiency
  • Requires less nitrogen
  • Highly ranked in the BSPB/STRI Turfgrass Seed 2022 booklet
  • Exhibits strong summer colour
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Very fine leaved dark green perennial ryegrass
  • Superb aesthetic appearance with fine leaves.
  • Exceptional fineness of leaves.
  • Close mowing tolerance down to 5mm as a mono culture.
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Holds the coveted top position on Table S1 of the BSPB/STRI Turfgrass Seed booklet

Barzico is a very strong all-round perennial ryegrass. Visually, it is mid-fine, extremely dense (ranked #2 for this trait) with a medium green colour.

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