Innovative winter sports mix for premier sports stadiums, designed for disease & wear tolerance.

  • Proven high disease tolerance to Grey Leaf Spot (GLS) – Amiata, Barprium and Barorlando
  • Increased tolerance to Drechslera Leaf Spot and Brown Patch Rhizoctonia
  • High performance and wear tolerance with top-ranked varieties Barzico #1 and Barbasten #3 BSPB Turfgrass Seed
  • All European-bred Barenbrug diploid varieties for superior UK winter performance
  • Amiata, Barprium and Barorlando have darker genetic colour for a rich green appearance, desirable on fully renovated stadium pitches
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Renovation & repair
  • Education environments

An innovative and new to market winter sports grass seed product, designed to deliver disease tolerance without compromise in performance, specifically for the needs and environments of premier sport stadiums.



New for 2024, ELITE DEFENCE is formulated for the specific needs of elite winter sport stadiums, delivering exceptional and proven disease tolerance against Grey Leaf Spot (GLS), Drechslera Leaf Spot and Brown Patch Rhizoctonia without compromise in wear tolerance and overall performance.


Disease tolerance


Grey Leaf Spot (GLS)

As part of a major variety screening programme undertaken in Europe by Barenbrug breeders, Amiata, Barprium and Barorlando have been identified as being highly tolerant to the damaging disease Grey Leaf Spot (GLS), caused by Pyricularia grisea or P. oryzae (see Fig. 1). These three varieties are all bred by Barenbrug in France and are wear- tolerant diploid cultivars.



Drechslera Leaf Spot
Drechslera Leaf Spot is a very common disease affecting stadium pitches in winter, proliferating in cool, damp and shaded conditions. Independent trials, including BSPB in UK and GEVES across several European countries, have highlighted Barprium and Barbasten as being particularly tolerant against this pathogen.


Rhizoctonia Brown Patch
A less common disease issue in the UK, Brown Patch can be a problem during a hot and humid renovation period. Internal Barenbrug trials have shown Barprium and Barorlando will offer good protection against this disease.


Top performing varieties

Disease tolerance is only one aspect of ELITE DEFENCE. Crucially, the performance and wear tolerance of the five varieties in UK winter sports conditions is also very strong. Central to this is the utilisation of only European-bred diploid cultivars, which offer far better wear tolerance than tetraploid or American-bred grasses.


Barzico holds the coveted #1 position in BSPB Turfgrass Seed Table S1, trialled under winter sports wear simulation at 25mm height of cut. Barbasten is ranked #3 in the same trials. Both varieties are bred in Holland and have later heading characteristics, which make them exceptionally active in winter/spring recovery.


Barorlando is itself a former #1 in BSPB trials, and performs very well in wear trials across Europe. Amiata and Barprium have both been trialled in the UK. Although Barprium performs less well in Bingley, it topped internal Barenbrug trials at Cropvale in Worcestershire. Amiata returned above average scores in UK trials. Barorlando, Amiata and Barprium originate in France, and are generally earlier in their heading dates. Five varieties, with diverse genetic backgrounds, provides excellent mixture synergy overall.


Camera-friendly colour

Another significant benefit of ELITE DEFENCE over other market options is a strong mid-green genetic colour. Barorlando, Amiata and Barprium all offer benefits on this front, with impressive colour scores of 7.2, 6.3, and 7.0, respectively in BSPB S1 trials. Combined with their disease tolerance, this promises excellent visual aesthetics throughout the season for TV cameras.


Perennial ryegrass
Perennial ryegrass
Perennial ryegrass
Perennial ryegrass
Perennial ryegrass
Sowing rate
Oversowing rate
Sowing depth
10-15mm < thatch
Mowing height
Pack size
Speed of Establishment
Wear Tolerance
Recovery after wear
Turf aesthetics
Speed of growth
Dark green colour
Shoot density
Cold temperature germination

Discover our grass seed for football and rugby pitches. Schools, colleges and playing fields will also benefit from this specialist grass seed. 

Discover our grass seed for football and rugby pitches. Schools, colleges and playing fields will also benefit from this specialist grass seed. 

Discover our grass seed for football and rugby pitches. Schools, colleges and playing fields will also benefit from this specialist grass seed. 

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