Outstanding mixtures for education facilities

Whether you’re a groundsman, contractor, head teacher or facilities manager, we know the pressure you face to keep costs down. That’s why our unique and innovative grass seed mixes help you do more, with less.


Many of the country’s best schools, colleges and clubs rely on our products.

Why? To provide affordable attractive grounds that appeal to existing students. And attract new ones.  


We breathe new life into these environments. Designed specifically for education, Barenbrug delivers lush, green swards that can help you make more of your budget. And with unbeatable wear tolerance -  your job just got a whole lot easier.


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Designed to deliver on four key traits, making use of the remarkable Barenbrug-bred technology.

  • Three perennial ryegrasses with superb mixture synergy from dedicated UK research trials
  • RPR Barlibro delivers rapid recovery under heavy wear
  • High leaf spot (Drechslera) disease tolerance
  • Superior colour (from Barcristalla and Barorlando) compared to other seed suppliers’ premium products
  • Majority of the seed grown in the UK by British farmers






Outstanding sport mixture for sports fields. 
Hard-wearing 100% perennial ryegrass.


  • Four perennial ryegrasses listed in the top-15 varieties in the 2018 BSPB/STRI Turfgrass Seed booklet
  • Turfgrass Seed mean score of 7.76 (STRI)
  • Delivers proven wear tolerance and performance
  • Camera friendly - superior colour
  • Majority of the seed grown in the UK by British farmers




E7 - Sports Ryegrass


Great for sport, your cost-effective option.


  • Part of our new essential range - excellent alternative for those on a tight budget
  • All-round blend, with three perennial ryegrasses listed in both Tables S1 (sport) and L1 (lawn) in the 2018 BSPB/STRI Turfgrass Seed booklet
  • Eurosport, the #4-ranked cultivar for mean performance and #1 for recovery in Table S1
  • Cost-effective option for high wear sports surfaces






Hard-wearing 100% perennial ryegrass for extreme wear.


  • For summer sports, cricket squares or multi-use sports fields mown below 15-20mm, our industry-leading EXTREME mixture is ideal
  • Three perennial ryegrasses offering an exceptional combination of fineness of leaf, wear tolerance, visual merit and tolerance to close mowing
  • Excellent performance in Tables L1 and S1 of BSPB/STRI Turfgrass Seed 2018