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Wear MachineCombined shade and wear performance trials are on-going at Barenbrug Research in Holland, trialling both mixture combinations and potential new cultivars from the breeding programme. The results are an important influence in mixture formulation. Each trial is programmed for a 12 month period in a shade tent (65% Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) reduction) with average humidity 10% (to a maximum 100%) higher than outside the tent. Synthesised wear is applied weekly during the “playing season”, five months after sowing (to enable the inclusion of slower-establishing species) at the equivalent of four consecutive matches per wear.

It is important to consider that a ‘highly rated’ cultivar for wear in the open field may not necessarily perform in a combined shade and wear situation, while a ‘lower rated’, open field cultivar may offer superior performance in combined shade and wear situations. Leaf spot disease pressure is extremely high under combined shade and wear stress; cultivars with superior tolerance to leaf spot generally out-performed others in the trial.

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