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Amenity Trials

Turf is a society of many plants in which there is always competition and cooperation, further complicated by specific environmental and/or utilisation pressures. Current UK industry performance trials assess a limited number of the characteristics of individual cultivars of grasses within species to evaluate their suitability for various amenity applications. In the UK, cultivars are rarely used as a monoculture but are more commonly used either in blends of one species or in mixtures of different species to ensure quality performance and aesthetics

Barenbrug UK has initiated a comprehensive and evolutionary mixture trials programme at Barenbrug Research stations, supported by independent trials at the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) in the UK. The primary objective of the trials programme is to assess and evaluate mixture performance to ensure we offer the best possible solutions using our highly rated cultivars and innovative new species. The results of the programme together with the technical advice available from Barenbrug staff will ensure that customers achieve the best possible results.

Information and results from our trials together with in-depth cultivar characteristic descriptions are available from the technical library.

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