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Boost summer milk production with Tonic and use to finish lambs.

Historically used in grassland mixtures, it is suited to many soil types and can increase daily intakes during the summer.

Sowing rate: 

2kg/acre (5kg/ha) in a grassland mixture, 8-10kg/acre (19-24kg/ha) as a special purpose crop

Pack sizes: Available in pack sizes of 5kg or 25kg

Plantain Tonic

The product


  • When fresh, feed value is greater than ryegrass / clover
  • Tolerates frequent grazing
  • High in protein (at times) similar to ryegrass
  • Potential for pasture species alone!
  • Tap rooted herb that withstands drought and higher temperatures in the summer


  • Plantain is not as drought tolerant as chicory or red clover

In the bag

100% Tonic - Plantain


Utilisation: Graze in situ

Sowing period: Spring & Autumn

Utilisation period:  Summer & Winter

Days to maturity:  60-90 days


10/10 Sheep
10/10 Medium term
10/10 Lower irrigation requirement
10/10 Dairy
10/10 Beef
10/10 Autumn sheep grazing
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