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Barvicos is a common vetch that delivers a quick coverage of soil and is highly productive and rich in proteins.

A common vetch that fixes large amounts of nitrogen and is high in protein. Barvicos can be used for annual forage production either alone or in a mixture with grasses. It is also ideal for green manuring.

Barvicos has vigorous growth and is winter hardy. It will establish and grow well on most soil types, helping to load up nutrients and hold in the soil for use by spring cropping or reseeding.

Vetch can be used typically 70-100 days after sowing, when 30-50% of the plants have flowered.

Sowing rate: 

16-20kg/acre (40-50kg/ha). It is recommended to sow vetch at a depth of 2-3cm

Pack sizes: Available in pack sizes 25kg

Vetch Barvicos

The product


  • Deep rooting and improves soil structure
  • Quick coverage of soil
  • Highly productive and protein rich forage variety
  • Can be sown both in spring and autumn
  • This vetch can be sown either as monoculture or as part of mixtures with other species, such as clovers and/or annual grasses
  • Good resistance to colder temperatures
  • Good resistance against diseases

In the bag

100% Barvicos - Vetch


Utilisation: Cutting/Silage

Sowing period: Spring & Autumn

Utilisation period:  Summer & Winter

Days to maturity:  70-100 days (approx)


10/10 Silage
10/10 Short term
10/10 Sheep
10/10 Protein production required
10/10 Low nitrogen input
10/10 Ley is mainly for cutting with some grazing
10/10 Dairy
10/10 Beef
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