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Highly productive mixture designed for silage.

The concept

Hybrid 4x4 is a highly productive hybrid ryegrass cutting ley, designed to last for four years and providing four cuts each year. 

It's designed for a three or four year rotation system, delivering 20% higher yield than traditional perennial ryegrass mixtures. 

A key benefit of this mixture is that it offers multiple exits and entries for slurry/digestate application, using home produced nutrients more efficiently, saving valuable time and resources.


  • Hybrid 4x4 delivers a superb silage mixture to farmers. It has a very tight heading day range and excellent resistance to disease offering strong silage production thought the season
  • The mixture does not contain clover, so is inexpensive to clean up sward. Perfect if three and four year rotation is required
  • Multiple exits and entries for slurry/digestate application, using home produced nutrients more efficiently
  • Will produce 20% more yield than perennial ryegrass leys, due to its ability to use all nutrients very efficiently via its long season growth and usage of deep rooting varieties

14kg per acre. Sowing: 1,025 seeds/m

Hybrid 4x4 (NI)

The product

When to sow

Grows at temperatures as low as 5C so the farm must be able to make use of this early growth.

When to cut

Up to four cuts per year which can take place in May, July, August and October.

This is the ultimate medium-term silage mixture, yielding up to 16t DM/ha in its first year and exceeding 16t DM/ha in its second year.

In the bag

5Kg Barsilo - Hybrid ryegrass (DIP)

4.5Kg Kirial - Hybrid Ryegrass (TET)

4.5Kg Aston Crusader - Hybrid Ryegrass (TET)


10/10 Sheep
10/10 Quick establishment
10/10 Lower irrigation requirement
10/10 Low temperature germination
10/10 Ley is mainly for cutting with some grazing
10/10 High fertiliser input
10/10 Early spring growth is important
10/10 Docks are a problem in the field
10/10 Dairy
10/10 Beef
10/10 Autumn sheep grazing
10/10 After maize grass production
10/10 Medium term
10/10 Silage
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