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Flexible, extensive, long-term ley suited to cutting & grazing.

The concept

Ideal for upland areas and less favoured areas with the inclusion of extra Timothy and strong creeping red fescue, which provides a strong sole to the sward.

High plant population and use of high ground cover species improves sward density and carrying capacity.


  • Outstanding persistency, using varieties with proven durability and winter hardiness
  • ENSIGN white clover blend is included for nitrogen fixation and increased protein content
  • CLANRYE has excellent mid and late season growth with good quality and ground cover rating of A
  • MOYOLA is the highest yielding grazing early diploid variety on the SRUC recommended list (114% of control varieties) coupled with the highest early spring growth (123%) and best quality grazing

Supplied as 15kg per acre packs. Sowing: 3,368 seeds/m 

Highlander (SCOT)

The product

When to sow

Sow when soil temperature is above 8C; clover will germinate at 10C.

The mixture has been designed to provide season-long production, with exceptional early spring and late summer growth

When to cut

When cut, this mixture will produce good conserved fodder for winter feed. Up to two cuts can be achieved after early grazing.

When to graze

Provides excellent early spring growth, making it ideal for outdoor lambing or cow turnout. Excellent early season grazing can be followed by a baled silage or hay crop then autumn grazing.

In the bag

2.5Kg Clanrye - Late Perennial Ryegrass (DIP)

2.25Kg Navan - Late perennial ryegrass (TET)

2Kg Sergei - Strong creeping red fescue

2Kg Seagoe - Intermediate perennial ryegrass (TET)

2Kg Moira - Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass (DIP)

2Kg Moyola - Early Perennial Ryegrass (DIP)

1.25Kg Comer - Timothy

1Kg Ensign - White clover blend


Sowing rate 15kg per acre



10/10 Silage
10/10 Sheep
10/10 Beef
10/10 Dairy
10/10 Early spring growth is important
10/10 Long term / Permanent
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