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A highly productive short-term Italian ley.

The concept

High D is a highly productive Italian ley, which will give exceptional crops for silage, hay or grazing from a high input system. It is ideal for growers who want to produce the maximum amount of forage possible from their own land.

High D has a very long growing season; its exceptional spring growth makes it ideal for lamb finishing or early turnout. An early grazing can be followed by up to four cuts of quality silage and a late flush for grazing.


  • High D is a better option than sowing a single Italian ryegrass variety. It will provide massive amounts of clean, quality forage throughout the year without any loss of production mid season
  • Includes three Italian ryegrasses, all of which perform very well compared to their rivals
  • High ranking BARMULTRA II has excellent spring grazing and silage yields
  • High D grows down to 3C soil temperature, extending the growing season for store lambs or wintering hogs
  • Responds very positively to high levels of fertility and will produce 20% more yield than perennial ryegrass leys

Supplied in 14kg per acre packs. Sowing: 1,256 seeds/m
High D Italian (ENG)

The product

When to sow

Grows at temperatures as low as 3C so the farm must be able to make use of this early growth.

When to cut

A 1st cut by the third week of May, following a spring grazing will produce 70+D value silage, with a 2nd cut five weeks later.

The ultimate silage mixture which will yield up to 20tDM/ha in its first year under high input management. For maximum production up to six cuts a year under high N systems.

When to graze

Early grazing for turnout of ewes and lambs or finishing long keep store lambs.

In the bag

6Kg Barmultra II - Italian ryegrass (TET)

4Kg Javorio - Italian ryegrass (DIP)

4Kg Shakira - Italian Ryegrass (DIP)


Sowing rate 14 - kg per acre



  • Designed for use in England and Wales

Download Product  PDF


10/10 Silage
10/10 Overseedable
10/10 Docks are a problem in the field
10/10 Ley is mainly for cutting with some grazing
10/10 Short term
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