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A top quality hybrid ryegrass based ley, designed to give excellent forage cuts with the option to graze.

The concept

An excellent cutting and grazing ley using the most persistent hybrid varieties for a full five years' production.

Designed to provide excellent spring growth, enabling an early first cut.


  • This mixture delivers maximum production by using the top yielding varieties including MOIRA with its excellent first silage cut
  • The high proportion of tetraploid varieties ensures better drought resistance and higher water soluble carbohydrate content
  • FINTONA is the highest yielding perennial ryegrass ever listed in the UK with unrivalled spring grazing yields and impressive sward density for the type
  • BARBLANCA white clover is included for nitrogen fixation and increased protein content

Available with Ensign Duet.

Designed for use in England & Wales

Supplied in 14kg per acre packs. Sowing: 1,338 seeds/m

Early Cut & Graze (ENG)

The product

When to sow

Sow when the soil temperature is above 8C; clover will germinate at 10C.

The mixture has been designed to provide season-long production, with exceptional early spring and late summer growth.

When to cut

Produces highly digestible forage from a late May-early June first cut with the mixture averaging over 70%D value throughout the season.

When to graze

This top-quality dual purpose mixture has the ability to be grazed from early spring through to late summer.

If it's being used as cut and graze, the mixture will deliver two exceptional silage cuts and early summer grazing, making it truly flexible.

In the bag

4Kg Aston Crusader - Hybrid Ryegrass (TET)

4Kg Barsilo - Hybrid ryegrass (DIP)

3Kg Moira - Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass (DIP)

2.5Kg Fintona - Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass (TET)

0.5Kg Barblanca - White clover


Sowing rate 14kg per acre


  • Uses all Herbage Varieties Guide recommended varieties
  • Available with Ensign Duet
  • Designed for use in England and Wales


10/10 Ley is mainly for cutting with some grazing
10/10 Early spring growth is important
10/10 Medium term
10/10 Silage
10/10 Sheep
10/10 Dairy
10/10 Beef
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