Barenbrug SGT Research

Barenbrug aims to develop seed cultivars and grass seed mixes that respond to customers’ needs and a changing climate. Our new Sustainable Grass Technology (SGT) products are designed to reduce the chemical, fertiliser and water input for turf managers.


Products under the SGT banner promise stress-tolerant grass for sustainable turf management and are the result of years of independent and in-house trials. Barenbrug’s SGT products have been tested extensively, and offer exceptional performance in one or more of four key areas of research:


• Nitrogen-use efficiency to reduce fertiliser use and cost
• Drought tolerance to increase survival and reduce the need for irrigation in stress periods

• Increased disease tolerance to reduce the need for fungicide
• Lower biomass production (or clipping yield) to reduce mowing frequency, man hours and fuel use.

Drought tolerance

SGT stands for “Sustainable Grass Technology” – Barenbrug’s research driven concept designed to deliver outstanding turf performance in high stress conditions with reduced fertiliser, chemical and water inputs.


The SGT products are curated from specially chosen cultivars. In trials at Landlab in Italy, during the harsh summer of 2018, Hardtop hard fescue and Barjessica strong creeping red fescue performed particularly well in periods of heat and drought, in comparison with other cultivars (Fig. 1 & Fig. 2). 


Figure 1 - Drone Image From Landlab. Highlighted plots are the hard fescue. The quality and endurance of hard fescue stood alone during the most intense heat.


Figure 2 - Graph to show fluctuations in fescue performance (NTEP Turf Quality (TQ) assessments) over 9-month period during 2018 in Landlab, Italy. Note the superior scores of Hardtop hard fescue and Barjessica strong creeping red fescue.

Nitrogen Efficiency


In SGT Rye Fairway, Barprium offers proven capacity for nitrogen-use efficiency, requiring up to 50% less nitrogen. In a recent 18 month STRI trial (shown in Fig. 3.) results demonstrate nitrogen efficiency from a number of cultivars against lived ground cover. Barprium delivers the highest mean turf cover to all other cultivars. Put simply, it requires far less N to deliver equivalent turf performance.


Figure 3 - STRI N-Efficiency Trial Data. Barprium delivers equivalent mean turf cover to all other cultivars at 50% less nitrogen input.


STRI researchers concluded in their trial report: “The best performing cultivar in this trial was Barprium, with good turf quality and coverage observed at all N levels and N types. Even at very low levels of N, Barprium still showed good quality and coverage. Conversely at high levels of N, Barprium did not promote excessive vertical growth.”


Barprium is highly ranked in the BSPB/STRI Turfgrass Seed 2022 booklet with a mean score of 7.6 on Table L1 and exhibits strong summer colour – another useful characteristic for low-input golf fairways.


Products available in the SGT range include SGT Rye Fairway and SGT Fine Fescue and represent the culmination of many years of research and are targeted at golf course fairway overseeding to combat the effects of climate change and reduce future maintenance inputs.