Grass Silage Production

Learn about the three grass silage production systems – multi-cut, conventional and bales – and the benefits each one can bring to dairy farmers.

Introducing UK grass silage production

As fertiliser prices remain at never-seen-before levels and brought in feed continues to form a large part of feeding rations, a greater focus on getting the best quality from in-house silage crops this season should be of utmost importance to dairy farmers.

The UK’s ideal grass growing climate, with its high rainfall and long growing days, will be key to maximising forage, however the trade-off has long been between quantity and quality. The longer that grass is left standing in the field to nudge up yields, the more that quality declines as growth continues and heads start to form.


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Sophie Cath, Eurofins Agro UK

Katie Calcutt, product manager at Kuhn Farm Machinery

Peter Smith, Ecosyl silage specialist, Volac

Mhairi Dawson, Barenbrug