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Managing grassland for dairy cows means you need to provide them with upright, dense swards of palatable grass to maximise their daily intakes.


Daily grazing intake depends on the amount of time spent grazing, the biting rate and the amount taken in the bite, which in turn depends on the characteristics of the sward.


Dense growing, leafy grasses with minimal stem and good spring and autumn growth will ensure the dairy cows have sufficient quality grass throughout the grazing season.


Our BarForage mixtures offer dense growing swards to minimise poaching during periods of wet weather, leafy quality grass with little or no stem or seed heads and a quality bite that will fulfil and maintain the hunger drive of dairy cows. 


High quality silage is always key to a successful winter feed regime for dairy cows. Consideration must be given to the heading dates of the sward, enabling the grass to be at its best when harvesting begins. Swards heading in mid May that are not cut until June will provide stemmy hard silage with little or no feed value. 


Whether you are aiming for a two, three or four cut system, BarForage has an ideal mixture for you.

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