Blends to support environmental stewardship schemes

Colourful displays of wildflowers, with a balanced mix of species.

Blends to support environmental stewardship schemes

Through our work at Cropvale we have also developed a portfolio of wildflower seed mixtures that are specifically suited to different growing environments and soil types. Producing colourful displays of wildflowers, with a balanced mix of species, these products can be used by farmers that want to create buffer strips, improve the margins of fields, and / or meet the objectives of Environmental Stewardship.

Annual wildflowers: For farmers interested in growing wildflowers at the margins of their fields, our annual wildflower mixture includes species such as cornflowers, poppies and corn marigolds. Annual wildflower species complete their life cycle within a one-year period. They typically establish from seed in the spring; flower; produce seed; then die off by the onset of winter. The continuation of the species is entirely dependent on the successful establishment of the seed produced.

As their survival depends on the success of their seed, annuals have evolved to produce larger quantities of seed. Annuals require ground disturbance each year in order to establish, which is why they are commonly seen growing in road verges, on waste ground and on arable farmland. Annuals can provide a boost of colour to spring sown seed mixtures although this will only last for one season, as seed will not establish in a developed sward.

Perennial wildflowers: The majority of wildflower species are perennial species that re-establish in the spring from their own rootstock. Most species will germinate from seed in year one; flower; produce seed in year two; go dormant over the winter; and re-establish in the spring. Some perennials are short lived, only lasting for three to four years, whereas some species can survive for many years.

Our perennial wildflower mixes contains species including Yarrow; Common Knapweed; Yellow Rattle; Devil’s Bit Scabious; St John’s Wort; Common Catsear; and Autumn Hawkbit.

Our perennial wildflower mixtures include products designed for use in wetland and water edge environments; for shaded hedgerows and woodland; for classic hay meadows; for coastal areas; and for general ground cover. We produce mixtures optimised for dry, sandy soils, chalk, limestone and calcaereous ground conditions; and clay and heavy soils.


We also produce a mixture for bees and butterflies, which features species included on the Royal Horticultural Society’s ‘Perfect for Pollinators’ list.
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