Barenbrug at BTME 2020

Sustainability the key for Barenbrug at BTME 2020

Barenbrug Unveils New Varieties at BTME

During last month’s BIGGA Turf Management Exhibition (BTME), we set up on stand 315 in the Green Hall and surprised delegates by unveiling brand new products and our ground-breaking research and development which has made our SPORT RANGE the leading name in the industry.


New Products and Research

BTME saw the unveiling of our newest Barenbrug technological innovation, SGT (Sustainable Grass Technology), which is developed to produce a stress-tolerant grass for long-term sustainable turf management.

The SGT Fairway grass seed has been produced after years of careful research on numerous sites across Europe. This rye/fescue blend has been formulated to reduce the need for fertiliser, water, and fungicide.

We’ve also increased our bentgrass product range for 2020, with the introduction of a completely new product, Duo Bent, to the range.


SGT Fairway


The SGT Fairway mixture is a brand-new composition of four different grass species and sub-species, which has been formulated for the overseeding and divoting of medium-fine golf fairway and tee turf.

Our research-heavy dedication to this product means that this mixture can deliver high-quality turf performance in high-stress conditions with a reduced need for chemicals, water and fertilisers.

The driving force behind this mixture is Barpium perennial ryegrass, which makes up 30% of the mix. Barpium is an exceptional fine-leafed ryegrass which has proven to be outstanding at utilising nitrogen efficiently. In fact, it requires 50% less nitrogen to deliver the equivalent performance of other mixtures.


Duo Bent


The Duo Bent mixture is specially formulated for overseeding and species exchange on golf and bowling greens. It is specifically to be used on golf courses that are attempting to outcompete Poa annua on low height cut on greens.

Like the All Bent, this mixture uses New Zealand bred capillaris browntop, Charles. Explicitly chosen for its visual merit and shoot density; this cultivar is what makes the mixture so resistant to Poa annua.

L-93 XD is the latest stolonifera creeping bentgrass produced by USA breeding programmes. During the NTEP trials in 2018, this bentgrass was ranked highly on ‘mean quality’; achieving a top-25% status in almost two-thirds of the locations it was tested in, which compares favorably with many UK based cultivars.

Barenbrug’s latest published research from an independently assessed STRI backed four-year trial highlighted the benefits of combining creeping and browntop cultivars to help fight Poa annua.


If you have any questions about what we’ve covered in this blog, or you’re interested in any part of our extensive product range, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.