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Lucerne is a highly nutritious forage for livestock. It combines good digestibility with high proteins, providing excellent milk yields or daily live weight gains. A more mature hay crop would be more suitable for feeding young stock.

One of the most underrated and under-utilised forage crops available to livestock farmers in the UK.

To utilise lucerne, allow a minimum of 50% flowering (50% of the tallest stems have a flower) prior to first grazing/cutting. If the stand is weedy at establishment it can be grazed/cut ONCE if it is 15-20cm tall and then left to flower a minimum of 50%.

>300 - 500g/hd/d - rotationally grazed or cut

High MJME and high protein, which is easily digested

Sowing rate: 

8-10kg/acre (20-25kg/ha). Drill at 5-12mm deep on normal soils or up to 25mm on light sandy soils

Pack sizes: Available in pack sizes of 25kg

Lucerne Artemis

The product


  • Perennial - Well managed crops can persist for up to 5 years
  • Performs well in free draining, drier environments due to tap roots
  • Dual purpose


  • Legume - pH 6.0 and high levels of P to establish
  • Requires good management
  • For information and advice on management, please contact us for the guide

In the bag

100% Artémis - Lucerne


Sowing rate 8 - 10kg per acre
Sowing depth 5 - 25mm

How much Lucerne Artemis do I need?


Utilisation: Grazing and Silage

Sowing period: Spring

Utilisation period:  Year-round

Days to maturity:  40 days (approx)

Download Product PDF


10/10 Sheep
10/10 Medium term
10/10 Protein production required
10/10 Lower irrigation requirement
10/10 Low nitrogen input
10/10 Dairy
10/10 Beef
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