Wildflowers - Acidic Soils


  • Contains 18 wildflower species
  • Feature species: Devil’s Bit Scabious, St John’s Wort, Common Catsear, Autumn Hawkbit
  • Also includes Yarrow, Common Knapweed, Foxglove, Lady's Bedstraw, Oxeye Daisy, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Ragged Robin, Cowslip, Meadow Buttercup, Yellow rattle, Sheep's Sorrel, Betony, Tufted Vetch, Selfheal
  • Annual
  • Perennial
  • Annual & Perennial
  • Native
  • Non-Native

A blend of wildflower species which are frequently found growing on soils with a low PH, such as heathland.


Grass Accompaniment

When choosing 80:20 Grass:Wildflowers, the mixture contains a rich blend of grasses, formulated to compliment the wildflower species. The grass blend contains slow growing species which will not compete against the slower growing wildflowers. Some of the grasses included in the mixtures are quite rare, such as Meadow Foxtail and Sweet Vernal. Soil type specific mixtures also contain grass species that are indicative of that particular habitat, such Wavy Hairgrass in the acid soils mixture and Wood Meadow Grass in the woodland edge mixture.


Grass Accompaniment








Sowing time

Spring: March to May

Summer: June to July, avoiding excessively hot and dry conditions

Late summer/autumn: August to October

Sowing rate - 100%
2g/ m²
Sowing rate - 80:20
5g/ m²

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