e11 - Water saver - dry soils

Dry soils, prone to drought, can rejoice

  • Contains tall fescue, the most drought tolerant species for the UK climate
  • Includes perennial ryegrass for quick establishment
  • Very deep root system
  • Suitable for areas of very thin, sandy and drought prone soil
  • Ideal for areas where water usage is unavailable or restricted



    The availability of water for irrigation is likely to be an increasing issue in the future. The E11 mixture utilises the most drought tolerant grass species suitable for the UK climate - tall fescue. Tall fescue has an exceptionally deep root system, which means it can access water that is unavailable to other species. Ideal for urban areas where water usage may be unavailable or restricted.



    • Areas of thin, drought prone soil
    • Areas where water usage is unavailable / restricted
    • Public open spaces
    • Urban areas
    • Parks
    • Mediterranean lawns


    Supplied in 20kg bags

    Tall fescue
    Perennial ryegrass
    Sowing rate
    35 - 50g/m²
    Cutting height
    down to 25mm
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