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e1 - Value lawn & landscape

Value for money, fast to establish and durable. No compromise on quality.

Suitable for professional landscaping and domestic lawns, forming a dense and durable turf.

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    e2 - Tough turf

    Hardwearing mixture for areas of intense usage.

    Hardwearing mixture for playing fields, campsites, public open spaces and lawns.

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      e3 - Universal turf

      All round aesthetics and wear tolerance

      A great multi purpose mixture for areas that demand excellent aesthetics combined with ability to withstand high wear.

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        e4 - Fine turf

        Classic 100% fescue mix

        A 100% red fescue mix for high quality formal lawns and low-maintenance landscapes.


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          e5 - Extra fine turf & bowling green

          Traditional blend of fescues and bent for greens and lawns

          Perfect as an affordable option for overseeding golf and bowling greens

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            e6 - 100% Bent greens

            100% common bent. Overseed and renovate golf & bowling greens.

            Browntop bentgrass blend, ideal for renovating golf and bowling greens.

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              e7 - Sports ryegrass

              Great for sport, your cost-effective option

              Designed for establishing and renovating sports turf surfaces and areas subjected to extreme levels of wear.

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                e8 - Shaded areas

                Keep your grass green, even when it is in the dark.

                A blend formulated to perform in areas that are subjected to increased levels of shade.

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                  e9 - Mow saver

                  The most sustainable grass seed mixture - saves mowing

                  Unique low maintenance mixture utilising a perennial ryegrass that has demonstrated up to 40% slower growth than other amenity cultivars.

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                    e10 - Clay / waterlogged soils

                    Flood prone areas. Waterlogged soils. Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS).

                    Formulated to be used on areas that are either prone to occasional flooding or seasonal waterlogging.

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                      e11 - Water saver / dry soils

                      Dry soils, prone to drought, can rejoice

                      Designed for areas of extremely dry, thin and sandy soil that are prone to drought. Useful for areas with normal soil conditions that are subject to restricted water usage.

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                        e12 - Rapid repair & winter establishment

                        The fastest germination time. The lowest temperature germination.

                        Rapid germination for emergency repairs and low temperature germination for winter use. In trials the annual ryegrass has germinated at temperatures as low as 3.5°C.

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                          e13 - Coastal areas

                          Coastal lawns and landscapes. Salt and drought tolerance.

                          Developed for coastal areas which are frequently composed of free draining sandy soils, prone to drought, and raised levels of salinity.

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                            e14 - Airfield

                            Protecting aircraft by creating an unfavourable habitat for birds.

                            The grasses included in the mixture are ones which have a stiff, upright growth habit that make it difficult for birds to land.

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                              e15 - Road verge

                              Official Department for Transport mixture

                              Fast to establish and tolerant of the harsh conditions typical of road verges.

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                                e16 - Embankment & ground cover

                                Steep embankment grass cover

                                The mixture includes a combination of deep-rooted, creeping, drought tolerant and hardwearing species to create an incredibly hardy mixture.

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                                  e16C - Embankment & ground cover + clover

                                  Added clover to steep embankments

                                  The mixture includes a combination of deep-rooted, creeping, drought tolerant and hardwearing species to create an incredibly hardy mixture. With white clover to provide a supply of nutrients for the neighbouring grass plants.

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                                    e365 - Green 365

                                    Dark green turf all year round

                                    Formulated to create a year-round dark green turf. As well as having an excellent appearance, the mixture produces a very strong and durable turf.

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