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Kale is a well proven, highly adaptable fodder crop which consistently provides very high yields of succulent green fodder.

Caledonian is a high yielding marrow stem type kale with clubroot tolerance. Its huge yield makes it ideal for utilisation by dairy and beef cattle.

Sowing rate: 

Drilled: 1-2kg/acre (2.5-5kg/ha)

Broadcast: 3kg/acre (7.5kg/ha)

Pack sizes: Available in pack sizes of 5kg or 25kg (untreated), 2kg (treated)

Kale Caledonian

The product


  • High yielding giant type kale with potential yield of 18,000kg DM/ha


  • Excellent tolerance to frost
  • Good aphid tolerance
  • Very high dry matter yields
  • Good winter hardiness
  • Good clubroot tolerance


  • Suited to bigger cattle and colder climates

In the bag

100% Caledonian - Kale


Utilisation: Graze in situ & Zero Graze

Sowing period: Spring & Early Summer

Utilisation period:  Autumn & Winter

Days to maturity:  170-220 days


10/10 Short term
10/10 Sheep
10/10 Dairy
10/10 Beef
10/10 Autumn sheep grazing
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